Just Be Kind is an organization inviting all women of Dallas to meet and create authentic relationships with one another. We encourage women to take off the mask of perfection and share their vulnerabilities in a safe space while developing deep and meaningful friendships. 

Many women in this city initially struggle finding friends, and though it's a huge city with extra people, it can feel extra lonely sometimes. Of course there are networking events for career advancement and connections, but nothing for finding and establishing authentic friendships with other women. Without solid friendships, women close themselves off and wear masks, while battling self-doubt and loneliness.  We believe that positive community allows a woman to reach her full potential, and we seek to share that through our mission. 

Just Be Kind is hosting events specifically for the women of Dallas, where women of all backgrounds can come together and turn a new page. Change the way women treat each other, and change ourselves in the process. We are in this together, so why not Just Be Kind?