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hi! i'm mary margaret.

Note from Founder: 

Just Be Kind was an idea that came to me while laying out on my apartment's rooftop –  It was early 2016 and I was a lonely 20-something, running around, working, auditioning, and feeling like I was doing everything on my own. At the time, I was living in New York City, had just broken up with my long-time boyfriend, and was struggling hard to find girlfriends. 

I desired connection.

I was tired of making small talk with friends over drinks at loud parties, and meeting people at networking events. I wanted more. I wanted deep rooted, authentic connection and meaningful relationships with other women. I wanted those kind of friendships that were present on your best and worst days. The kind of friends I could call up crying and say “come over and pig out with me” and they would be there in a heartbeat. The kind of friendships where I could be totally vulnerable and totally myself - no matter how that looked on any given day. 

I wanted to meet other women who fiercely desired connection too. Women who empowered + championed each other. Women who supported + loved wholeheartedly. 

It can be so hard to connect with other women sometimes - it takes courage and vulnerability - and sometimes, that can be scary. What I wanted was a safe container where women could come together and just be cheerleaders for one another. 

I wasn't finding that anywhere. So I created it myself.



Just Be Kind is an organization inviting all women in their 20's and 30's in the Dallas/Fort Worth area to meet and create authentic relationships with one another. We encourage women to take off the mask of perfection and share their vulnerabilities in a safe space while developing deep and meaningful friendships. 

Many women in this city initially struggle finding friends, and though it's a huge city with extra people, it can feel extra lonely sometimes. Of course there are networking events for career advancement and connections, but nothing for finding and establishing authentic friendships with other women. Without solid friendships, women close themselves off and wear masks, while battling self-doubt and loneliness.  We believe that positive community allows a woman to reach her full potential, and we seek to share that through our mission. 

Just Be Kind is hosting events specifically for the women of DFW, where women of all backgrounds can come together and turn a new page. Change the way women treat each other, and change ourselves in the process.

We are in this together, so why not Just Be Kind?

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"Just Be Kind Project is a female-driven collective that encourages strength, friendship, & collaboration. Think Forbes "30-under-30" for girl bosses in NYC and beyond. It can't lose." - Sam

"I moved to New York City only knowing a small network of people, but Just Be Kind led me to a community of women who are truly inspiring and caring. As a woman in a big city, it is easy for me to feel discouraged sometimes, but being around the incredible women of Just Be Kind always reenergizes me and pushes me to go after my goals." - Miranda

"Being new to NY from the Midwest last June Just Be Kind welcomed me with open arms. It's important, as women we realize that we need to lift each other up, empower each other, and always help others to become the best version of themselves. Just Be Kind allowed me to do this and helped encourage me to believe in my dreams. Being able to network with bloggers, musicians, artists, and just within a circle of determined women helped me to discover myself. Whenever I was feeling down, feeling discouraged, I knew I had a circle to go back to. A group that made being away from home, that much easier." - Jessica




“In a society where you are always judged by how you think it’s very hard to find those people, especially women, who share your thoughts. With this group I found that I wasn’t alone, that we agreed on a lot of issues that concerned the modern day woman. Finding that voice was one of the most worthwhile experiences that I hope many women can find.” - Frances 

"There is nothing more powerful in this world than to know others fully and be known in return. But that kind of intimacy is impossible without vulnerability and authenticity, a terrifying concept in a city of 8.8 million people who are all trying to get ahead. Just Be Kind is a safe space that allows women to champion one another's successes and come along side during times of trouble. To open themselves up to rejection but find support and encouragement in its place. The ability to be ones shamelessly real self makes it a haven in New York City." - Grace 

"My biggest takeaway from Just Be Kind was the confirmation of how many women want to champion and support each other. A lot of what we are exposed to in our culture is designed to put us against each other, so providing an environment that nurtured the desire to reject that norm was very valuable." - Sam




If you're new to Dallas, or if you've been here for a while but are looking to make some new connections, I'm always up to grab coffee or a glass of vino with a new girlfriend! Can't wait to meet ya!


Just Be Kind Project hosts events every month in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. 

Check the calendar to see when our next event is! 


So far, Just Be Kind has been paying out of pocket to make this idea come to life.

In order to keep this dream a reality, we need funding from lovely people like you!